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Illustrative Results

In the trial of lawsuits, there is no substitute for experience. I have been trying cases since 1988, gone to verdict over 100 times, arbitrated and mediated at least as many cases, and briefed and argued numerous appeals. Here are some of the highlights:


  • $6.3MM for wrongful death of special needs child on school bus
  • $2.2MM for law firm shareholder in dispute over value of his shares upon break-up of firm
    • $280K for wrist fracture from trip/fall in mall parking lot
    • $198K for hedge fund against law firm and third-party administrator who provided inadequate advice regarding processing redemption of deceased limited partner’s interest in fund
    • $280K for unsecured lender from fraudulent borrower
    • $500K (+fees/costs) for employee terminated in retaliation for making claim of sex discrimination
    • $14.6MM (jurisdictional record) for injured victim of truck crash
    • $2MM for AIDS victim
    • $541K+ for elderly victims of securities fraud
    • $405K verdict for former partner of large law firm wrongly denied separation payment
    • $400K+ for homeowners defrauded by decorator
    • $400K+ for doctor in business dispute with colleague
    • $126K judgment for creditor on loan default claim
    • Won substantial verdict for plaintiff in FLSA retaliatory discharge Case
    • Recovered full contract price (+interest) for sellers of real estate in breach of contract against contract purchasers.


    • For Defendant, $500K fraudulent transfer claim
    • Summary judgment in favor of defendant sued as personal guarantor on equipment leases
    • No liability for client sued by former lawyer attempting to collect contingent fee
    • For employer in $9MM wrongful termination claim
    • Acquittal of client charged with stalking and telephone harassment
    • Judgment for yacht club that sponsored regatta during which plaintiff suffered severe injury
    • Retention (at full pay/benefits) of School Psychologist by school board whose termination for cause was sought by Supt.
    • For Commercial lender against $10MM claim that it wrongly caused termination of C.F.O. of borrower
    • For trucking company against $3.3MM injury claims of adverse motorist
    • For trucking company against wrongful death claim brought by estate of pedestrian
    • For auto dealer in products liability action alleging defective car seat
    • For manufacturer of electrical starter in products liability case arising out of plant fire
    • For auto dealer group in consumer fraud class action
    • For contractor in wrongful death action alleging improper roadway design
    • In favor of client against attorney charging an excessive contingent fee



    • $500K for trip / fall victim of post-concussive syndrome
    • $2.4MM for lender v. borrower who breached loan agreements
    • $380K for tenants of senior apartment building infested with bedbugs
    • $1.2MM for victim of unnecessary spinal surgery
    • $300K for tenants of SRO hotel infested with insects
    • Confidential 8-figure $ settlement of legal malpractice claim based on mishandlings of M&A
    • $3.5MM for patients in clinical study who were unlawfully denied promised cancer medicine
    • $2.4MM for victim of life insurance/securities sales fraud
    • $1.3MM (excess of Allstate policy limit) for victim of highway crash with severe hip/pelvic fracture
    • $900K for underage victim of sexual assault by store clerk
    • $800K for victim of defective skid-steer who lost two toes in an workplace accident
    • $400K for wrongful death of 76 year old victim of hospital ER’s failure to timely diagnose heart attack
    • $300K settlement of insured is fraud claims against health insurer
    • $300K for victim of psychiatric malpractice (sexual  relationship with therapist)
    • $300K for victim of hospital’s breach in sterile technique during C-Section
    • $300K for victim of airborne mold contamination of rental apartment
    • $217K for homebuyers who were defrauded by developer’s sales fraud
    • $205K of homeowner’s consumer fraud claims against builder


    • On a pro bono basis, negotiated full release of $500K+ past due payment claim asserted against charter school by custodial services contractor on a “walk-away” basis, for $0 in consideration.
    • For hedge-funds that guaranteed defaulted $1MM loan on terms that allowed for payments timed to minimize disruption to funds and investors
    • For trucking company, lowest/earliest settlement among dozen defendants client in multi-death collision case
    • For developer of condo conversion on terms that removed recalcitrant partner as impediment to sale of property at significant profit
    • For largest auto dealer group in OH of consumer fraud/TILA class action that threatened existence of business and personal assets of its owners
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